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Welcome to Rimpido GMBH

The rimpido GmbH offers a worlwide SAP consulting for the SAP module Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EHS) for medium and large enterprises. We have many years of experience in the implementation and regular maintenance of SAP EHS systems.

Sure meeting the SAP EHS standards

As a company you are bound to legal requirements regarding environmental protection, occupational safety to comply with waste and hazardous materials management.
With SAP Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EHS) They regulate all areas of responsibility, to meet the national and international standards of environmental protection, occupational safety, occupational medicine, management of hazardous substances, hazardous waste management and management in your company. We can help you with both the implementation of SAP EHS code as well as adjustments and updates offer to existing SAP EHS systems extensive advice and assistance.

By the long experience of our employees we can offer you a solution of best practice that is truly customized for your SAP EHS installation.
Of course, every order will be executed in accordance with our internal quality standards with the utmost care and reliability.

Furthermore with our new phrase library system we can provide you support in translation and in matching your phrases for the SAP EHS system and provide a platform for exchanging phrases. Additionally, you can also adapt other areas of the SAP EHS system as property trees with the phrase library system more comfortable and faster.